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Sell Your Records, CDs and memorabilia to cdswanted.com

There are various fun & easy ways to sell your unwanted items to cdswanted.com...

We constantly require thousands of rare & collectable records, compact discs's and music memorabilia from the 1950's to the 2000's. If you have anything to sell from your collection or can find any items from our wanted listings then we would love to hear from you! Perhaps your local record stores, record fairs, boot fairs, charity shops etc. have some gems hidden away that you could unearth and sell on to us at a profit?

Our fair and simple buying policy is as follows:-

  1. We will consider buying any of the items on our current Most Wanted list at the prices stated. We may sometimes offer a reduced price if you have a large quantity of any one item and wish to sell them as a job lot. In this case the price we will offer will be based upon the quantity of units you have, how many (if any) we currently have in stock and how many we think we could sell in total. We like to negotiate!

  2. If you have any items you would like to sell that are not currently listed in our wanted section you can e-mail your list direct to the buyers@cdswanted.com or alternatively you can post your list to us. We guarantee to reply to you within 48 hours. Please remember to enclose your name & address!

  3. We will only buy items that are in at least excellent condition and we would obviously prefer items that are mint! Therefore, we generally do not require any records or CDs that have any of the following defects: scratches, sleeve tears or creases, handwriting on labels or covers, sticky tape or glue repairs, damaged spines of covers or seam splits etc. If you are unsure about the condition of an item you have please feel to contact our buying team for further advice. In some cases we will accept an item with minor defects if it is genuinely rare, although the price we will offer will reflect the condition. Again, please ask first before sending. We reserve the right to return any unwanted, unsolicited, sub-standard, incomplete, damaged or counterfeit items sent in for purchase, and may deduct the return postage cost from any monies due to you. Genuine items only please!

  4. We pay immediately!
    All payment will be despatched to you within 24 hours from receipt of your items. In addition, we will pay your postage costs upto the value of stamps on the package, subject to a minimum send of 10.00 sterling. When sending items through the mail please ensure you keep Proof of Posting and use only the strongest packaging. If sending items from overseas please value the package according to the exact contents please do not overvalue as the post office will only ever compensate for the purchase price of the items and not their "collectable" value. If in doubt as to which service to use, please do not hesitate to ask us for advice. If you can personally deliver items to us we can pay you on the spot, but please arrange in advance to ensure one of our buyers is here.

  5. We have dedicated buying offices located around the world. If you are based in the UK, Europe, Australia or anywhere not covered by our other offices please contact our UK head office. If you are based in North America, Central/South America or Canada please contact our Las Vegas office. If you are based in Japan and speak Japanese please contact our Hiroshima office.